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Cinder (Size 2-8 mm) Wt-3.7 Kgs with Free Leca Medium Size Wt-900 Gms (9-15mm)

 449 Inc. GST

Dry Cocopeat, Coir Pith Block (5 Kg )- It can absorb 75 Ltr water

 319 Inc. GST

Magnetic Pot (for Succulents, Cactus and Small Plants) – (SKU:HAMAG)

 59 Inc. GST

Gardening Tools – Hand Cultivator, Big Trowel, Garden Fork (Set of 3)

 109 Inc. GST

Piper Betel, Paan Ki Bel, Maghai Paan (in Polybag)


Russelia Red, Firecracker plants or Coral blows (in polybag) रसेलिया (लाल रंग)


Colourful Mix Painted Stones (Wt- 1 Kg) – Decorate Plants and Aquarium (SKU: GPMS01A)

 79 Inc. GST

Flower Pots (4 inch diameter) Combo (Set of 6) with plates (SKU: HARSH-4INWP)

 169 Inc. GST

Magnetic Pot Bigger Size (SKU:HAMBIG)

 109 Inc. GST

Garden Genie Gloves with Claws (SKU: MOJA-G) पंजे के साथ दस्ताने

 129 Inc. GST

Good Luck Jade Plant (in Polybag)


Allamanda Plant Bush (in polybag)


Fungicide for Gardening (Wt- 250 Grams)

 199 Inc. GST

Coriander Seeds for Your Kitchen Garden (SKU-DHANIA)

 19 Inc. GST

White Stone Chips (Ultra-Cleaned) for Plants and Flower Vases, Aquarium Stone Chips (1 Kg) सफेद रंग के पत्थर के चिप्स (SKU: GSC01)

 89 Inc. GST

Pleomele, Song of India – Green (in polybag)


Gardening Scissors, (Useful for domestic Use also) कैंची (SKU: GSCI)

 79 Inc. GST

Organic Humic Acid Powder for Gardening (Wt- 450 Grams)

 139 Inc. GST

Moss Stick or Pole (Length- 4 Feet, Set of 04) with Free 900 Grams Coarse River Sand

 799 Inc. GST

Parijat, Harshringar, Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis Plant (in Polybag)


Mimosa Pudica, Chui Mui, Touch Me Not Plant (in Polybag)


Croton Petra (in polybag)


White Coloured UV Stabilised (Medium Size) Grow Bags (Size-  35 x 20 x 20 cm) (SKU: LDPE-M) मध्यम सफेद ग्रो बैग

 17 Inc. GST

Allamanda Climber Plant (in polybag)