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Flower Pot’s Black Plate (Rectangular Shape), Flower Pot Tray- (SKU:HAR-RECTA-BLAC)

 28 Inc. GST

Pumice Stones for Garden / Horticulture (Soil Amendment), Size: 4-8 mm, Wt- 1.8 Kg with Free Leca Calls 4 Ltr/900 Gms

 549 Inc. GST

Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves (Yellow), Stretchable Gloves (SKU: MOJA-Y)पीले दस्ताने

 49 Inc. GST

Curcuma Bulbs (Mixed Colors) – (Min. 02)


Gardening Pruner, Secateur, Garden Shears, Scissors (Multicolour)

 119 Inc. GST

Khurpa, Digging Tool for Garden (Front- 3inch wide) (SKU-EXKH-3)

 119 Inc. GST

LECA, Clay Balls (Vol- 13 Ltrs/ 3.4 Kg) Medium Size (8 to 15 mm) and Free Coarse River Sand (Wt-900 Gms)

 399 Inc. GST

Cactus Potting Mix (Cinder & Wood Charcoal Added) – Ready to Use (1.8 Kg)

 249 Inc. GST

Flower Pot White(SKU-WS14)

 109 Inc. GST

Lilium Bulbs (Mixed Colors)


Tobacco Dust Organic Fertilizer and Pest Repellent for Plants and Garden Use (Wt: 900 Grams)

 149 Inc. GST

Semi-Polished Stones of White Colour- (Size 12 – 30 mm) (Wt-1 Kg) (SKU: SEPO) आधा पॉलिश सफेद पत्थर

 95 Inc. GST

Jute Cloth (Dark Brown- Natural Colour) with (3.5 feet x 3.5 feet) for Art & Craft Activities and Pot Wrap of Plants (Copy)

 85 Inc. GST

Cactus Potting Soil – Ready to Use (1.8 Kg)- for Better Aeration and Faster Drainage (SKU: CPS)

 249 Inc. GST

Adenium Obesum Seeds (Set of Five) (SKU-OBESUMSEED)

 39 Inc. GST

Bitter Gourd Seeds (SKU-DBGO) (करेला)

 35 Inc. GST

ECO365 Garden Sprayers with Mist and Pressure Jet Flow (with Free River Sand 900 Gms) – Capacity 2.2Litres Rhino Model (Suitable for Sanitization, Cleaning etc) – Blue

 359 Inc. GST

Sphagnum Peat Moss for Seedlings, Propagation and Soil Amendment (900 Grams)

 209 Inc. GST

Taro (Indian) plant for Leafy Vegetables, for Kitchen Garden (SKU-TARO)

 79 Inc. GST

Coir Made Organic Hanging Pot or Bird Nest (without plant)

 159 Inc. GST

DORO KE FYTA Castor Cake Powder Organic Fertiliser, Castor Khali Compost( Wt: 900 Grams)

 139 Inc. GST

GIFTnPLANTS Free Leca 12 LTR (2.7 Kg) of Medium Size(8-14mm) with One Budhdha Ceramic Pot (as Shown in Product Image) for Garden Beautification

 449 Inc. GST

Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves (Blue), Stretchable Gloves SKU: MOJA-B, नीले दस्ताने

 65 Inc. GST

Epiphyllum or Brahma Kamal Plants’ Potting Mix – Ready to Use (1.8 Kg) (SKU: EBS)

 259 Inc. GST