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Waste Decomposer Bottle (by Using NCOF Ghaziabad Technology)

 45 Inc. GST

Soilless Succulents’ Potting Mix (Cinder added) – Ready to Use (1.8 Kg)

 259 Inc. GST

Curcuma Bulbs (Mixed Colors) – (Min. 02)


Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves (Yellow), Stretchable Gloves (SKU: MOJA-Y)पीले दस्ताने

 49 Inc. GST

Gardening Pruner, Secateur, Garden Shears, Scissors (Multicolour)

 119 Inc. GST

Plastic pot stand (SKU: HAPOS)

 27 Inc. GST

Khurpa, Digging Tool for Garden (Front- 3inch wide) (SKU-EXKH-3)

 119 Inc. GST

Flower Pot White(SKU-WS14)

 109 Inc. GST

Lilium Bulbs (Mixed Colors)


Cactus Potting Mix (Cinder & Wood Charcoal Added) – Ready to Use (1.8 Kg)

 249 Inc. GST

Tobacco Dust Organic Fertilizer and Pest Repellent for Plants and Garden Use (Wt: 900 Grams)

 149 Inc. GST

Semi-Polished Stones of White Colour- (Size 12 – 30 mm) (Wt-1 Kg) (SKU: SEPO) आधा पॉलिश सफेद पत्थर

 95 Inc. GST

Jute Cloth (Dark Brown- Natural Colour) with (3.5 feet x 3.5 feet) for Art & Craft Activities and Pot Wrap of Plants (Copy)

 85 Inc. GST

Cactus Potting Soil – Ready to Use (1.8 Kg)- for Better Aeration and Faster Drainage (SKU: CPS)

 249 Inc. GST

Adenium Obesum Seeds (Set of Five) (SKU-OBESUMSEED)

 39 Inc. GST

LECA, Clay Balls (Vol- 13 Ltrs/ 3.4 Kg) Medium Size (8 to 15 mm) and Free Coarse River Sand (Wt-900 Gms)

 399 Inc. GST

Bitter Gourd Seeds (SKU-DBGO) (करेला)

 35 Inc. GST

Coir Made Organic Hanging Pot or Bird Nest (without plant)

 159 Inc. GST

ECO365 Garden Sprayers with Mist and Pressure Jet Flow (with Free River Sand 900 Gms) – Capacity 2.2Litres Rhino Model (Suitable for Sanitization, Cleaning etc) – Blue

 359 Inc. GST

Taro (Indian) plant for Leafy Vegetables, for Kitchen Garden (SKU-TARO)

 79 Inc. GST

Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves (Blue), Stretchable Gloves SKU: MOJA-B, नीले दस्ताने

 65 Inc. GST

Sphagnum Peat Moss for Seedlings, Propagation and Soil Amendment (900 Grams)

 209 Inc. GST

DORO KE FYTA Castor Cake Powder Organic Fertiliser, Castor Khali Compost( Wt: 900 Grams)

 139 Inc. GST

GIFTnPLANTS Free Leca 12 LTR (2.7 Kg) of Medium Size(8-14mm) with One Budhdha Ceramic Pot (as Shown in Product Image) for Garden Beautification

 449 Inc. GST