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 11 Inc. GST

Vermicompost Organic Manure (5 Kgs)

 279 Inc. GST

Water Lily Seeds (Mixed Color) Tropical for Garden and Ponds(SKU-WLIL)

 14 Inc. GST

Black Coloured Nursery Grow Bags Smallest Size (4×5 inch) Wt-250 Grams (SKU: BLGRO-SM)

 89 Inc. GST

Natural (Mix) River Sand for Gardening, Without sorting (1.8 Kg) (SKU: MIXRI)

 159 Inc. GST

Vermicompost (1.8 Kg)

 129 Inc. GST

Soil-less Potting Soil for Succulents- Ready to Use (1.8 Kg)

 249 Inc. GST

Cinder of Smaller Size (2-4mm) Wt-3.7 Kg (Soil-less potting medium for Cactus, Succulents and Other Smaller Plants) with Free Coarse River Sand (Wt-900 Gms))

 389 Inc. GST

Indian Pine Bark for Orchid Potting Medium (Wt-250 Gms)

 149 Inc. GST

Castor Cake Powder Organic Fertiliser, Castor Khali Compost( Wt: 900 Grams) (SKU: DCC)

 129 Inc. GST

Bottle Sprayer for Plants, Car Wash with Adjustable Brass Nozzle Sprayer (Handheld Pump)

 69 Inc. GST

Gladiolus Bulbs (Mixed Colors) – (Min. 3)


Flower Pot’s Plate (Size 10 Inches), Pot Tray (SKU: HARSH-10TC)

 33 Inc. GST

Rock Phosphate Organic Manure in Powdered Form (Wt- 900 Grams) – (SKU: ROPHA)

 139 Inc. GST

Dry Cocopeat, Coir Pith Block (900 Grams)- It can expands to 12 Ltr Powder

 99 Inc. GST

Indian Lotus Seeds (SKU-LOTUS),Kamalgatta for Garden and Ponds

 9 Inc. GST

White Coloured UV Stabilised (Smallest Size) Grow Bags (Size-  30x16x16 cm)(SKU: LDPE-S)सबसे छोटा सफेद ग्रो बैग

 13 Inc. GST

Leaf Mold Compost for Plants, Patton Ki Khaad(1.8 Kg)

 195 Inc. GST

Flower Pot’s Plate (Size 8 Inches), Pot Tray (SKU: HARSH-8TC)

 24 Inc. GST

LECA, Clay Balls (Vol- 17 Ltrs/ 4.3 Kg) Medium Size (8 to 15 mm), Hydroton Pebbles for Aquaponics, Hydroponic Plants

 449 Inc. GST

White Coloured UV Stabilised (Largest Size) Grow Bags (Size- 40 x 24 x 24 cm) (SKU: LDPE-L) सबसे बड़ा सफेद ग्रो बैग

 23 Inc. GST

Goat Manure, Goat Compost (900 Grams)

 89 Inc. GST

Liebigs Cutting Aid Rooting Hormone Powder (Wt-100 Gms)

 135 Inc. GST

Herbal Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)- Organic Pest Repellent (100 ml)

 85 Inc. GST