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Stephania Rotunda Bulb (SKU-GSTEP)

 299 per piece

Good Luck Jade Plant (in Polybag)


Pleomele, Song of India – Green (in polybag)


Croton Petra (in polybag)


Mini Areca Palm Plant without Ceramic Pot (in Polybag)


Snake Plant (in polybag)


Sansevieria Trifasciata (in polybag)


Aloe Vera (in polybag)


Rhoeo Variegated (in Polybag)

 99 Inc. GST

Money Plant Single Branch (in polybag)


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, ZZ Plant, Jamia Calcus Plant


Eranthemum Tricolour, Laila Majnu Plant (in Polybag)


Green Tinge Spider Lily, Hymenocallis Speciosa (in polybag)


English Ivy Plant (in polybag)

 139 per plant

Schefflera Variegated (in polybag)


Spathiphyllum Floribundum, Peace Lily


Kalaonche Double Petal-Mixed Colour


Aralia Starlight (in polybag)


Snake Plant White (Rare variety)


Christmas Cactus, Thanks Giving Cactus


Asparagus Densiflorous as Hanging Kokedama


Syngonium Pink


Syngonium Green Variegated (in polybag)


Dracaena Colouroma- Red (in Polybag)