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Grafted Canna (Red Flower)- (in polybag)

Rs. 160 Rs. 99

Aegle Marmelos, Bael Patri (in polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 99

Fern Pine, Podocarpus Macrophyllus, Buddhist Pine (in polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 99

Chlorophytum, Spider Plant, Pentnus (in polybag)

Rs. 130 Rs. 99

Syngonium Green Dwarf

Rs. 150 Rs. 99

Ficus Pumila, Climbing Fig, Paththar Bael, Weeping Fig (in polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 99

Grafted Mogra, Double Mogra (in polybag)

Rs. 130 Rs. 99

Good Luck Jade Plant (in Polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 90

Russelia Red, Firecracker plants or Coral blows (in polybag)

Rs. 140 Rs. 89

Eranthemum Variegated (in polybag)

Rs. 149 Rs. 89

Pleomele, Song of India (in polybag)

Rs. 160 Rs. 89

Amaryllis Lily Plant (in polybag)

Rs. 240 Rs. 89 per piece

Russelia Yellow, Firecracker plants or Coral blows (in polybag)

Rs. 140 Rs. 89

Allamanda Plant (in polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 89

Eranthemum Tricolour, Laila Majnu Plant (in Polybag)

Rs. 179 Rs. 89

Piper Betel, Paan Ki Bel, Maghai Paan (in Polybag)

Rs. 190 Rs. 89

Acalypha Java Green (in polybag)

Rs. 110 Rs. 89

Dracaena Colouroma- Red (in Polybag)

Rs. 140 Rs. 89

Grafted Nerium Oleander Pink (in polybag)

Rs. 130 Rs. 89

Croton Gold Dust Plant (in polybag)

Rs. 140 Rs. 89

Rose Plant (Red)

Rs. 120 Rs. 89

Passiflora Incarnata, Blue Krishna Kamal (in polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 89

Lemon Grass (in polybag)

Rs. 150 Rs. 89

Ajwain, Mexican Mint, Patharchur (in polybag)

Rs. 130 Rs. 89