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Bone Meal Organic Manure Finely Powdered (Wt- 900 Grams) (SKU: BMFINE)

 99 Including GST

Neem Cake, Neem Khali Organic Compost (900 Grams)

 109 Including GST

Mustard Cake, Mustard Khali Organic Compost ( 900 Gms)

 99 Including GST

Epsom Salt for Gardening (Wt- 450 Grams)

 89 Including GST

Best Quality Light Weight Vermiculite for Gardening, Horticulture & Hydroponic- (900 Gms)

 119 Including GST

Castor Cake Powder, Castor Khali Compost( 900 Grams)

 109 Including GST

Herbal Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)- Organic Pest Repellent (200 ml)

 159 Including GST

Leaf Mold Compost for Plants, Patton Ki Khaad(1.8 Kg)

 195 Including GST

Organic Humic Acid Powder for Gardening (Wt- 450 Grams)

 154 Including GST

Waste Decomposer Powder (BIO-M08 Starter Culture For Aerobic Composting) (Wt-450 Grams)

 69 Including GST

Rock Phosphate Organic Manure in Powdered Form (Wt- 900 Grams) – (SKU: ROPHA)

 109 Including GST

Combo of Vermicompost (900 Gms) and Free Clay Balls, Hydrotons, LECA Vol: 4 Ltr, Wt-900 Gms (Size- 8 to 14 mm)

 155 Including GST

Bone Meal Organic Manure in Natural Form (Wt- 900 Grams) – (SKU: BMNAT)

 99 Including GST