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Coarse River Sand for Gardening(900 Gms)

 69 Inc. GST

Cinder of Smaller Size (2-4mm) (Soil-less potting medium for Cactus, Succulents and Other Plants) Wt-900 Gms

 79 Inc. GST

Wood Charcoal (450 Grams)

 49 Inc. GST

Dry Sphagnum Moss (250 Grams)

 139 Inc. GST

Fine River Sand (900 Gms)

 65 Inc. GST

Rice Husk, or Rice Hull (450 Gms) for Aeration of Roots

 45 Inc. GST

Combo of Rice Husk (450 Gms) and Neem Cake Organic Compost (450 Gms)

 85 Inc. GST

Seed Germination Coin (Size 40mm) Expandable, made by Cocopeat Based Medium for Seedlings

 5 Inc. GST per piece

Zephyranthes Lily, Rain Lily Bulbs (Mixed Colours) – (Min. 05)

 9 per piece


 11 Inc. GST per piece

Cinder (Size 2-8 mm) Wt-900 Gms (Soil-less potting medium for Adenium, Rose and Other Bigger Plants)

 79 Inc. GST

Flower Pot’s Plate (Size 10 Inches), Pot Tray (SKU: HARSH-10TC)

 33 Inc. GST per piece

Gladiolus Bulbs (Mixed Colors) – (Min. 3)

 14 per piece

Cinder of Smaller Size (2-4mm) Wt-4.99 Kg (Soil-less potting medium for Cactus, Succulents and Other Smaller Plants)

 369 Inc. GST

Flower Pot’s Plate (Size 8 Inches), Pot Tray (SKU: HARSH-8TC)

 24 Inc. GST per piece

Mix River Sand for Gardening (900 Gms)

 59 Inc. GST

Indian Lotus Seeds (SKU-LOTUS),Kamalgatta for Garden and Ponds

 9 Inc. GST per piece

Stephania Rotunda Bulb (SKU-GSTEP)

 299 per piece

Magnetic Pot (for Succulents, Cactus and Small Plants) – (SKU:HAMAG)

 59 Inc. GST per piece

Liebigs Cutting Aid Rooting Hormone Powder (Wt-100 Gms)

 135 Inc. GST

Water Lily Seeds (Mixed Color) Tropical for Garden and Ponds(SKU-WLIL)

 14 Inc. GST per piece

Coriander Seeds for Your Kitchen Garden (SKU-DHANIA)

 19 Inc. GST

Garden Genie Gloves with Claws for Digging, Planting and Pruning

 129 Inc. GST

Curcuma Bulbs (Mixed Colors) – (Min. 02)

 31 per piece